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hidden gate is.......

The solo and sometimes collaborative electronic/musique concrete project of  Asheville synth-head Andre Cholmondeley.

Making electronic and experimental music for over 35 years, starting with analog tape experiments, Andre studied with Daniel Goode and Philip Corner, legendary NYC musicians, composers in the fertile downtown scene that started in the late 60s and is still ongoing.  


Studying tape editing, musique concrete history and application with Goode, and deep listening , world music and 20th century music with Corner, and  Afromusicology with also legendary jazz drummer Yusef Ali were all instrumental to an expansive view of sound.

hidden gate is many things, in part a love of pure synthesis and fascination with ambient sounds, unconventional beats and musique concrete. Found sounds, everyday noises and unconventional ideas around 'what is music' are part of every 

hidden gate  performance

andre cholmondeley  uses a hybrid hardware/software synth rig, with a musique concrete influence. In the mid-80s he studied electronic, world and experimental music at Rutgers University with NYC legends Daniel Goode and Philip Corner.


Andre's other projects include rock trio Delicious, Project/Object (Zappa Tribute) and Wham Bam Bowie Band.


When NOT on tour and/or playing his own music, and the music of Zappa & Bowie, he works in the music biz, guitar tech, tour manager or other duties for artists such as Adrian Belew, Steve Howe/YES, Eddie Jobson (UK, Roxy Music, Jethro Tull, Zappa, King Crimson, Curved Air) Greg Lake & Keith Emerson of ELP, moe., David Torn, John Wetton, Derek Trucks, Al Di Meola and many others.

other andre cholmondeley info: www.guitartour.net

andre cholmondeley MUSIC: https://soundcloud.com/guitartour/sets/mixtape-solo-electronic

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andre@guitartour.net, 732-233-5554
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SOUNDCLOUD MIXTAPE: here's a few of my recent (2016/2017) little solo electronic works. Part of some experiments in making various rigs work, and in perfecting a solo rig that is compact yet very powerful. A mix of modular synth gear, and EHX looper, and a couple odd devices.

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